Monday, October 3, 2011

watan idea sir jee ???

77 percent of the total populations in India were Below Poverty Line. Planning commission decided not to allow such situation persist in future. “ either you decrease the quantum of people below poverty line or you lower the margin of poverty line” Wat an idea sir jee? Claims Beggars. A torn towel with dowdy cloths in a busy street like T nagar would fetch any class of beggars more than 300 bugs of non taxable fiscal revenues a day. If you unload a banana truck it would fetch you Rs 30 in half and hour(Link). In that case Planning Commission’s decision on lowering the minimum income per day for BPL as Rs 25 prove its feeblemindedness.

I had a precognition of the future 2020 beggars, how planning commission had them succumbed.

I earned Rs 26  yesterday and I am rich. I can’t beg any more in scorching sun. I need my sunglasses.

I am sitting in SEZ. Your donations will be accounted as deemed exports. Credit cards are accepted.

The dollar value has depreciated baby.  Leaks from Wall Street say bankruptcy had proliferated in the outskirts. We can exchange it once the recession ceases.

I am rich already. This is jus for passion

and the last one,.
Hey don’t you dare to interlope while I try my PIN number.

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