Monday, December 5, 2011


This blog is not a love story or any sorta emotional bullshit. Its just one such incident that would have happened to any guy or a girl with normal secretion of vital hormones. 
Year: 2004

Venue: Hospital in nearby locality

Situation: Sitting infront of an ophthalmologist with drops in my eyes for an eye power check up.

It was half an hour past after my first round of drops and I heard a sweet voice nearing me. It was a voice very familiar to me. She started whispering to somebody accompanying her, “I know him”.

“Two girls!?! “ I said to myself.

I was curious to see the girls and hear their conversation. They came closer and sat next to me. I started feeling my heart beat a little harder. This will be a worse situation when two girls sitting next to you and your eye pupils were getting diluted with irritating droplets. I was so desperate to see them but a nurse chided me with her nasty hospitality of a typical hospital.

Year: 2000

Venue: Hindi coaching centre

Situation: Our Guru was coaching his apostles with अ आ ई...

A cool breeze entered our class that shattered all window panes and flowers and leaves fell off from the trees and beautified our tuition class. Howling wind broke the silence of the class and everyone had their attention to the front door.

Everyone including the guru turned their heads and I was the last one to get distracted.

She came with streak of sunlight along with her mom to join the Hindi class. I came to know that she was one year younger to me and guys showed their male chauvinism by not leaving her any space to sit. She sat in the last row and started listening like an innocent child.

Year: 2001

Venue: Hindi class upstairs

Situation: Prathmic results came and top three were among guys.

Guys outwitted girls and made pranks with them. Some girls started crying and the others were abusing. I remained silent as she got very low marks and I felt very bad about it. I needed to console her very badly but my friends were jumping in joy and I didn’t want to reflect myself so very distinct from others. I kept silent and returned home with a sad face.

Year: 2004

Venue: Ophthalmology clinic

Situation: Nurse asked me to open my eyes for the second shot of drops.

With great difficulty I opened my eyes and she left the place giving me unparlimentary gestures for poor cooperation. I turned my head in search of that sweet voice. I was shocked and stupefied. It was an Aunt of 35 years old. I started cursing brahma for his paradoxical error in oxymoronic collaboration of facial and vocal combination. She bent forward to get something that lured my reflexes to get ready with any-side-escape katas. And I saw her, my Hindi Classmate sitting behind that lady. She was fully grown with long hair and shining tone in her 15. Her colored bangles, ear-rings and watches matched her pink salwar.

I started cursing brahma second time for bestowing beautiful girls with mothers who glares.

Year: 2002

Venue: Hindi class terrace

Situation: Guys were eating mangoes stolen from neighbor’s tree.

We hid all mangoes in our tuition bags and were eating it one by one sitting in the last row. She and her friends saw us munching something and sooner they had a little talk of propaganda against their vengeance. In no time we were caught red handed and got chided black and blue by my tutor as well as their neighbor. After that incident guys took an oath that no guy should talk to girls and help them in any manner. We involved in several Operation Mangoes against girls and gratified our vengeance in deflating their cycle tires, filling their bags with mango leaves etc. I quit my Hindi classes when I crossed my 10th unwillingly for my board exam preparation.

Year: 2004

Venue: Ophthalmology clinic

Situation: She, her mom and I were sitting in a bench with eyes closed and ears wide open.

I started comparing the situation with Kadhal Kondane where Sonia and Sudeep sitting at the extremes except Dhanush was replaced by her mom. As my tenth results were out, her mom started asking several questions about my marks, preparation strategy, study timings, question paper toughness, 11th hour tips… and other unimportant blah blahs… she never opened her mouth but I was sure that she was meticulously listening to our conversation because “it was she who’s gonna write board exam and not her mom” I said to myself.

Half an Hour later…

Our eyes were diluted and my check-up was over. I was about to leave the place with a heart of half satisfaction that I met her and dis-satisfaction that I didn’t talked to her. Finally she opened her mouth to talk and I became the happiest person in the hospital until she said……

Anna Tenth Standard Guide kedaikuma!?!

I decided to get admitted in the ICU nearby.

PS: oh I don’t wanna reveal her name, (neither I am not aware of her presence and existence) so do I left the blog title.