Thursday, May 10, 2012


still u find time? then better start proceeding this blog!

Disclaimer: Sundari mentioned in this post is not to poke any 'Athiroopa Sundaris' in real time... this is just a real incident happened and I am cooking it with my ingredients added to serve u well... 

Contingency: It is my style of expressing 'real incidents' that might or might not have happened to me with an ' I ' perspective to entice readers.

It was another normal sunny weekday and I was engulfed amidst my busy schedule. I got a call from my friend (a gal ofcourse)

She: Hi how are you??

Me: Hello I am fine. What about you??

She: Where are you??

(The very moment when a gal never answers your question sequentially, u can very well guess that she is in trouble and she needs your help) 

Me: I am in office. You?

She: Look I need a favour?

Me: tell...

She: One of my friends from Bangalore is celebrating her birthday day after tomorrow. I wanna gift her something but I have to pay for it online. Need a net banker's help. So you pay for me now and ill repay u later.

Me: ofcourse I know tat. I will pay now. Tell me what to do?

She: I have ordered a dress for her. Jus login to Pothys, select the dress, pay and mail me the order details.

Me: Text me the site, user ID, password, shipping address, billing address, item description and others if any!

She: right away

Me: But I need her intro in return, deal?

She:(gave a silent pause proceeded by a 'hmm' to start) she is ENGAGED.

Me: ( S       I        L        E       N        T)

She: and she is getting married soon

Me: ( S            I                  L               E             N              T)

My mind was obsessed with fusillades of questions. My deal is scrapped ! Why should I help her? Questioned my ego.  Should I try further? goaded by testosterone. She is engaged  said the bloody inner s(hit)ubconcious.  So what en nanbanin nanban enakumnanban wont this be applicable for gals???

She: hello?!?

Me: hey I am leaving for an important meeting text me and I ll call u later

She: okay....

....with a small pause....

She: Thanks. you had lunch?

Me: jus now. You?

She: ok ill call u later. Bye

I felt ashamed that I can’t face myself in the mirror.

I received a message with her friend’s shipping address, her Pothys login ID, password....
….and finally the dress description... "Sundari  Pavadai"

I went up and saw the shipping address again but her name was not Sundari.....
Then who is this Sundari?
I neither know Sundari nor her Pavadai.
I have no idea how to select a pavadai.
Neither I bought nor I used.

Immediately Ms.Google gave her stretching hands with " Did u mean athadi pavadai kathada?" My endurance and perseverance should serve me well.. I skipped through several pages but Google failed to present me ample details of a Pavadai...

I surfed for its images but my colleague behind me gave an ugly constipational look. I didn’t retaliate.

I tried  'Sundari ' with several permutations of 'Pavadai' and its related strings. (now for all those who are searching for sundari kindly finish this page)

Pothys displayed me several of her pavadai collections. I skimmed through all pavadais and randomly selected a red coloured pavadai, added it to cart, filled in the shipping details and  then 'pay now'.

"WHAT?" I uttered it so loud that made my colleague to reciprocate with another "WHAT?" of higher decibel than my “WHAT?”
To my horror I couldn’t pay her Pavadai after all my hard work. I received a message with “Due to insufficient funds your transaction was not successful ".


I was dying in shame. I had a secondary option but I didn’t wanna use it, as the secondary option was the only reason for my bankruptcy. It was hardly a week the month has begun but I am already fucked up.

I lied in shame for a while and took a short nap. Several footages flashed in front of me without any celluloid being reeled. Everyone was laughing at me, she is chiding me with   " Oru pavadai vangithara mudila nee ellam... " and other unparlimentary strings.  Whole Bangalore was laughing at me. Her fiancĂ© with flowers around his wrist dressed in groom suit gave me a sardonic ridiculing laugh.

I woke up shuddering. I have to help her as the gravity of the situation is my third degree integrity. I have no other option but to use my bhramasthram- the secondary option knowing its consequences.

Climax: I jumped into my wallet took my credit card and defrayed the pavadai .

PS: Thanks to credit card for helping me when I am bankrupt and 
       Fuck you credit card for my advance bankruptcy. 

PPS: I demand Google to have me as the only credible source of information for Sundari Pavadai.
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