Saturday, November 26, 2011


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The teaser and its (hit) songs would have lured us with an idea that this fanfare of Selva’s is another inception of love spun in a different style from his wardrobe.  But if I am correct then you will accept that you are wrong in the climax. The first half of the movie supports your perception whereas the second half was a complete contrast.

 A tale of an amateur photographer and what he becomes in the culmination is the rest of the story.

Karthik Swaminathan(Genius)- an ardent photographer trying to hurdle in a competitive world to excel in his passion as his profession. His four childhood friends were his NOK, financial supporters, kith and kin etc.,.

The strength of five was about out to shatter with the intervention of a girl (Yamini) and Selva portrays her infidelity with the help of GV and Ramji. Richa gangopadhyay aptly fit the character and Selva just tailored her expressions.
Karthik’s confusion with friend ah? Figure ah?

Audience were made to manipulate with their wrong calculations that this movie has some coherence with Kadhal Kondane. Ofcourse he had but this time with a different triangular love story. Infact this trianglular love story finally gratified into a quadrilateral relationship. You will comprehend the said statement only after watching the movie.
Music: This young musician knows how to secrete your adrenaline with his strings and keys.  His value addition to this movie made audience to lean forward in the second half.
Editing: Kola Bhaskar has something special in him. He can present a lovable novel infront  of us that saunters and he doesn’t need a BGM to spice his timeline.
Timeline: 2 hours and 20 minutes of love, lust, friendship, betrayal, perseverance and destiny
Bottom line: the worse your days were, the better you will be

Spoiler: You need A beautiful mind to watch the movie

PS: not worth to watch for commercial audience, worth a million for audience with lust for cult.

PPS: i couldnt crack myself what the title signifies

Thursday, November 10, 2011


100 wedding invitations were taken in random and it was found that a significant amount of invitations had bridegrooms status as “ Research analyst USA”, “Post doctoral USA”, “MS USA”, “ whateva USA”.

Brain drain has officially became an accolade to our Indian brides. Business analyst of kalyana malai says dowry value increases when we stamp our country of education. I wonder if all the bright guys go bonkers with the foreign nation what India will be left with by 2020? Maybe after 30 years from now the next generation will be aware of Revolution 2020, rather vision 2020.

If this rate of brain drain doubles cumulatively then by the end of 2020 our national anthem will be changed like this,

US is my country

All Negros are my brothers and sisters

I love my country and am proud of its rich and varied figures

I shall always strive to be in touch through skype

I shall give my parents, friends, with latest iphones, ipods and treat everyone with san Francisco handmade chocolates

To my country and my people I present “my first fried rice” fotos in FB

In their well being and stomach burning alone, lies my happiness

Our tamil kalacharam spreads in an unimaginable rate in US. Albums like ”am in my lungi”, “veshti in wall street” “Lungi il lagudapaandi” in FB clearly proves it. Our lungies and ‘angies’ should be patented because leaks form white house says Obama wears Ramraj Lungi during his personal trip and his wife prefers Aone nighties, one of Ob's favourite.

The State-of-the-Art patta patti worn by hollywood’s most elegant actor cum director cum stunt master is shown for your ready reference
Some of our heritage foods like pan parag, jigarthanda, 420 and many more has a great demand in US and US plans to subside her recession by doubling the cost of these heritage foods items.

Once gubtun got frenzied and brawled in a skype chat with Kate Winslet when she expressed her odious comments of dislike for Indian products and its Aone nighties.“ Hey kate pula, dere are 20 million Indian women in US who brefers indian broducts. Ouvut of which 5 million brefer Aone. Because Aone is Aone. Bakisdhan derrorist in US haz bulocked our pattapatti, lungi and other clandestine ancestral accessories in US marketu, dheruby hamarah Indians aaru fporced to buy dheir broducts like nikeee and haridass, unngmnuu. I will go for hunger stiku if dhey don’t remove dhose ban.. bharat aatha ki jai.. unngmmu”

Watching this TR and Dr. Vijay joined the race too.

TR: hey பொண்ணே kateu , please close your gateu, otherwise ill keep வேட்டு  ”

Dr.Vijay: யக்கா  கேட்டு  , சும்மாவே நான்  காட்டு காட்டுன்னு  காட்டுவேன்   நீ வேர கேட்டு  கேட்டுன்னு சொல்ற    …..
ஒரு வாட்டி Aone use  பன்னி பார் அப்புறம் உன் பேச்ச  நியே கேக்க  மாட்ட

So let’s fight for the nation. Let us change our profile pictures to patta patties and ravikies to show our protest and unity. Guys wear those patta patties to office on all Fridays(am not sure about gals whether they would serve the nation by wearing Aone nighties). 

And I almost forgot to present you the poseur model of elegancy for pattapatti

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I hated Zombies

Everybody hates a zombie no matter whether you have seen them or not, whether you have a reason or not, but I do…..

FB looses its face
Plus crosses Book
Google outrages FB
Facebook attains Puberty

those were the slogans and even more were raised for welcoming Google plus. The world expected google plus to outrage FB and slam Mark, the face of Facebook.

I felt happy at one point that I would be free from request like
Need chips for farmville
Need **** for cityville
Need @@@ for casteville
Need shit for shitville

But my happiness never lasted as every plus has its minus. Google plus started pissing on me with its angry birds, chips for zombielane, shovel for zombielane, share your zombies,…
The stout guy with black coat, coolers and red cap along with a voluptous girl friend who fluants her belly was me. Atleast I have a girlfriend now.          (click pictures for an enlarged vision)
 This figure with flamboyant smile and a shot gun was me.


'What happened to my town? Where are my people? Why are those houses demolished?'  I was in a hyper active state, fraught with loads of questions,red hot in patriotism and a blood thurst to kill zombies.

  'I found you, you son of a zombie!!. How dare you destroy my mother land.'  

Every zombie bequeathed a chip and star when killed.  Those chips were used for my energy as well as for construction of houses.


I was badly in need of more coins to complete my target. My blood thursty hunt for zombies went incessantly.


I was so eagerly shooting all zombies and I ignored those new tip pop ups.


              Some zombies even attacked me with 'stop trying to hit me and hit me' gestures


At one point of time My trigger betrayed me! I was out of ammo.

'why should I spend another 200 chips for a shotgun, especially in recession time like this?' and I preferred a shovel.

I was cleaning my city and I was passionate about it. Especially with shovel you gotta hit it before it hits you.
I wanted to shout like crazy joker to zombies 'do u know how I got these scars??'

I cleared my level in no time and I had my town clean. With natcha thira jenanlil vanam etti pakuthu BGM I started clearing all levels in no time.



WTH!!! I kinda thought I was already with her. Affairs and relationship was always a milestone to me!!!

 I still got 85 percentage of the game to be completed to see my Spouse. I was confused whether to start killing zombies so that I can built my house and sauce my spouse or should shut the fish of my PC and get back to work?

I wasn’t waiting for an answer as I had already started playing it.   
Ya baby! Am coming for you! ' … I said to myself.

Where would I go for these accessories???

I didn’t wanna ask my friends. I had ditched many of them in their shitville. I wouldn’t dare to ask them.
I got another alternative. Killing a zombie would fetch me with chips by which I could get those accessories. My hunt for zombies started. But I was moving at a snail pace and I had no shot gun with me. I was confused what was happening to me. Later I got a pop up message that I lack energy and I need to refill.


I hate hot dogs in general and hence I preferred a cheese burger.


What the Fish..
I consoled myself that still it was a game and no hell of a monster in this world would dare to ask $3 for one cheese burger in a virtual game.

I did those proceedings…and….
WTF……it wasn’t a game rather it was a black market of depredation that decoys our attention in some virtual gaming shit and filch our money. I was about to get ruined. I would rather order a bucket chicken with that $3 in real and get a full energy level to trash those guys who invented these kinda games.

Without further ado I closed the window.

That was the height of humiliation on would have ever got and I stood first in that queue.

That was how I hated zombies.

 Moral of the story: please stop expecting moral in all stories.