Thursday, November 10, 2011


100 wedding invitations were taken in random and it was found that a significant amount of invitations had bridegrooms status as “ Research analyst USA”, “Post doctoral USA”, “MS USA”, “ whateva USA”.

Brain drain has officially became an accolade to our Indian brides. Business analyst of kalyana malai says dowry value increases when we stamp our country of education. I wonder if all the bright guys go bonkers with the foreign nation what India will be left with by 2020? Maybe after 30 years from now the next generation will be aware of Revolution 2020, rather vision 2020.

If this rate of brain drain doubles cumulatively then by the end of 2020 our national anthem will be changed like this,

US is my country

All Negros are my brothers and sisters

I love my country and am proud of its rich and varied figures

I shall always strive to be in touch through skype

I shall give my parents, friends, with latest iphones, ipods and treat everyone with san Francisco handmade chocolates

To my country and my people I present “my first fried rice” fotos in FB

In their well being and stomach burning alone, lies my happiness

Our tamil kalacharam spreads in an unimaginable rate in US. Albums like ”am in my lungi”, “veshti in wall street” “Lungi il lagudapaandi” in FB clearly proves it. Our lungies and ‘angies’ should be patented because leaks form white house says Obama wears Ramraj Lungi during his personal trip and his wife prefers Aone nighties, one of Ob's favourite.

The State-of-the-Art patta patti worn by hollywood’s most elegant actor cum director cum stunt master is shown for your ready reference
Some of our heritage foods like pan parag, jigarthanda, 420 and many more has a great demand in US and US plans to subside her recession by doubling the cost of these heritage foods items.

Once gubtun got frenzied and brawled in a skype chat with Kate Winslet when she expressed her odious comments of dislike for Indian products and its Aone nighties.“ Hey kate pula, dere are 20 million Indian women in US who brefers indian broducts. Ouvut of which 5 million brefer Aone. Because Aone is Aone. Bakisdhan derrorist in US haz bulocked our pattapatti, lungi and other clandestine ancestral accessories in US marketu, dheruby hamarah Indians aaru fporced to buy dheir broducts like nikeee and haridass, unngmnuu. I will go for hunger stiku if dhey don’t remove dhose ban.. bharat aatha ki jai.. unngmmu”

Watching this TR and Dr. Vijay joined the race too.

TR: hey பொண்ணே kateu , please close your gateu, otherwise ill keep வேட்டு  ”

Dr.Vijay: யக்கா  கேட்டு  , சும்மாவே நான்  காட்டு காட்டுன்னு  காட்டுவேன்   நீ வேர கேட்டு  கேட்டுன்னு சொல்ற    …..
ஒரு வாட்டி Aone use  பன்னி பார் அப்புறம் உன் பேச்ச  நியே கேக்க  மாட்ட

So let’s fight for the nation. Let us change our profile pictures to patta patties and ravikies to show our protest and unity. Guys wear those patta patties to office on all Fridays(am not sure about gals whether they would serve the nation by wearing Aone nighties). 

And I almost forgot to present you the poseur model of elegancy for pattapatti

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