Saturday, November 26, 2011


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The teaser and its (hit) songs would have lured us with an idea that this fanfare of Selva’s is another inception of love spun in a different style from his wardrobe.  But if I am correct then you will accept that you are wrong in the climax. The first half of the movie supports your perception whereas the second half was a complete contrast.

 A tale of an amateur photographer and what he becomes in the culmination is the rest of the story.

Karthik Swaminathan(Genius)- an ardent photographer trying to hurdle in a competitive world to excel in his passion as his profession. His four childhood friends were his NOK, financial supporters, kith and kin etc.,.

The strength of five was about out to shatter with the intervention of a girl (Yamini) and Selva portrays her infidelity with the help of GV and Ramji. Richa gangopadhyay aptly fit the character and Selva just tailored her expressions.
Karthik’s confusion with friend ah? Figure ah?

Audience were made to manipulate with their wrong calculations that this movie has some coherence with Kadhal Kondane. Ofcourse he had but this time with a different triangular love story. Infact this trianglular love story finally gratified into a quadrilateral relationship. You will comprehend the said statement only after watching the movie.
Music: This young musician knows how to secrete your adrenaline with his strings and keys.  His value addition to this movie made audience to lean forward in the second half.
Editing: Kola Bhaskar has something special in him. He can present a lovable novel infront  of us that saunters and he doesn’t need a BGM to spice his timeline.
Timeline: 2 hours and 20 minutes of love, lust, friendship, betrayal, perseverance and destiny
Bottom line: the worse your days were, the better you will be

Spoiler: You need A beautiful mind to watch the movie

PS: not worth to watch for commercial audience, worth a million for audience with lust for cult.

PPS: i couldnt crack myself what the title signifies

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