Thursday, October 6, 2011


The world is worrying about inflation, price rise, recession, crude oil.. gold…lotsa….

But I didn’t realize the effect and implications of price rise until that evening. (ok! Petrol prices makes an exception here)

2nd September 2007

It was a typical weekend evening and we were so tired of being idle. It was time for us to freshen up and spend the rest of the night chatting with friends and proliferating gossips. We had our jetpacks ready to start (our Thriller cycles had its air filled :P).

We randomly searched for some shop that can suffice our gluttonous appetite within the limited budget we had. Finally we met our Sadai Soup (the board on the vehicle says). The soup shop was so famous that all brand four wheelers were finding it difficult to park their vehicles and ordered their soups in the congested kalaignar nagar street. The mutton soup cost Rs 6.00 and I liked it very much not because it was cheap. But the delicious ingredients made us regular week end customers. Bicycle ride on Saturday evening became our routine. Later after every semester end it became a place of mourning. An abode of gossip.

After a year the price was Rs. 7.00, yet there wasn’t any minute degree depreciation in its taste factor.

Years passes by.,.

30th September 2011

After finishing our evening show I decided to leave for Vellore. I was driving in The longest mount road after a long time. By the time we crossed Sadaipet old memories flashed in our minds. “ Why can’t we try if the shop is still in existence” said my friend sitting behind. We almost forgot the route that took us with topsy and turvy of sadai, but this time in our bike.

Sadai Soup welcomes you”. The board has changed, menu has changed (luckily the famous mutton soup was still on), especially rates. The mutton soup has gone up by 216 % in three years.

Finally infalation striked Saidapet....

Yet the taste has not changed a bit....

PS: the shopkeeper recognized us while we went to pay our bills. We were so happy about it, until he said  “ sir oru mutton soup 13 rupaa” :P

PPS: somehow i connected the title with the content .. am I ?

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  1. Did you ask the shopkeeper the reason for the 216% increase in price..?!! Konjam overa thaan irukku!