Monday, October 10, 2011


As I was arduously waiting for Chetan’s Revoultion2020 I pen down with few of my thoughts, but I will try my level best not to move close as a book review.

Few lines that drove me,

Life may not offer you the same chance twice!

“Your birthday is over gopal ! “I said loudly to the only person in the room

When girls use vague terms like ‘generally‘, it is cause for specific concern. Or maybe not. It could be my overactive mind.

A tale of an AIEEE cum JEE screwed up guy fighting with AICTE and UGC at its culmination, striving hard with his life, love, lust and optimism in him-amidst confusion of friend ah?? Figure ahh??

Arthi,a teenager (as Chetan high fives his female lead as the most beautiful wateva in this ambit) A girl of labile nature go bonkers between the JEE guy and JEE sucked guy whoever has the success ball in ther court. I reckon if Perarasu can film from the girl’s perpective with Priyamani as protagonist with Sun pictures as media partner, Red giant and other media freak as supporters can hit the previous block busters outskirts. I guess Arthi would have seen Arya 2 in her adolescence.

JEE guy a revolutionist, left his engineering for Journalism
The story goes as who will reach the pinnacle of success?, who will go for the most beautiful ?

Apparently the story has Chetan’s pattern of expressing the allegory from the perspective of protagonist, love romance, the obvious Chetan’s sex tale in last few chapters.

PS: I have not disclosed anything beyond the back cover

Disclaimer: Chetan is not responsible if you think this book has some sorta exotic coherence with the previous 4 books. Maybe he should patent his style of elucidation

Bottom line: 3 idiots from same state did 3 mistakes

Spoiler: mistakes are emended

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