Monday, September 26, 2011


Fantasies in kindergarten were an obvious part of educational curriculum where we build our own world with the dearth of knowledge. Movies played a major role in directing our imaginations. Sometimes we presume they were real until we found the truth.

It was my first day in class one. Our miss (teacher is referred as miss in most of the schools) congratulated us for getting promoted to the next level of life (I still got no idea what was the next level she mentioned). Later she asked every one to introduce themselves to the class, to tell their ambition and reason. Everybody started introducing themselves. All girls said their life ambition is to become a Doctor and guys as Engineer. Later it was my turn. I had a bad idea that all Engineers would finally involve in constructing houses (after watching the movie Anjali) and I hate that. “Doctor” I shouted with a big smile. Suddenly the class burst in laughter because we thought doctor was a profession of feminism and Engineering was a cool guy’s profession. After ensconcing the clamor our teacher encouraged me with ‘GOOD KEEP IT UP’. I felt grateful to her for becoming an engineer finally and to work with Excel sheets (construction would have been much better)

Well that’s not what I meant to tell.

Every one will have their own imaginations in kindergarten and I am sharing what was my mentality after watching each movie.

Starting from

1. Jagan mogini – every banyan tree is a ghost’s guest house.

2. Nalla neram -- animals are genius than mankind

3. Pati solla thattathey—when cars can fly why not wright brothers?

4. Aladdin--I started rubbing every lamp in my home

5. Jurassic park-- every mosquito is capable of giving birth to a dinosaur

6. Guna—u love, u die

7. Captain vyom—My class teacher gave a wrong idea that aliens were Pakistan terrorists

8. Shakthiman—owner of Parle G

9. Varumaiyin niram sivapu—if u study you will become a barber

10. Swat cats—where can I get a craft to blast my school???

11. Rhythm—Never travel in a train

12. Kuruthi punal—Never travel in school bus

13. Gentleman—I will never become a doctor

14. Captain prabhakaran—watte family, watte man!!!

15. Sengottai—India is my country all Indians are my brothers and sisters

16. Popeye—I started scolding every shopkeeper for not having spinach

17. Anjali—Engineers should never go for a third child

And finally

18. Rape scenes—I was confused why the volcano should erupt,  why the tiger should catch its prey at this time, how come the rising tides freezes ???

PS: pics for your reference

Disclaimer:  any correlation with living or dead is strictly intentional and highly provocative.

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