Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It was 7 in the morning and the sun light has already filled the room heating every opponent that comes its way in the room. The alarm the iHome was ringing out of repeated snoozes echoed in the room that might wake any human sleeping and dreaming even in the sub conscious level. The old woman found it difficult to get up from the cozy comfort the pillow was providing. The lady was very particular about the pillow that the size of the pillow should be sufficient enough to cradle her cheeks rubbing on it with her arms hugged tight around and her knees resting on top of it. She woke up like an about-to-die patient waking up from her karma in an ICU. She stretched her arms and legs simultaneously until every nerve in her body was taught like the strings in a guitar that was ready to be struck. Above all that world's cutest yawn she possesses was a meaningful sign that she has completely woken up.

She some how managed to find her high powered bifocal spectacles as she was so well organized in placing and retrieving things. She was shocked to notice that an old man, who used to hug her tightly from behind during night's sleep and wake her up with kisses on eyes and forehead, was found missing. She felt low as it was she who always wakes the man up but today it was different. She managed to get up from the bed and walked into the living room. To her astonishment there were none. The house was deadly silent and the only sound audible and reverberating was her footsteps and the press of her walking stick on the polished surface. She went to the verandah in search of the old man, whom, she thought, might be reading his morning newspaper. She was surprised to see the whole verandah was uninhabited. The garden in front that used to be irrigated by auto sprinkler was  vacant with leaves lying all around. The Neem tree in front, which she always loved to have, is devoid of its morning guest, the cuckoo pair.

The old woman was now in horror. She thought that she might have died a painless death during the night's sleep and she was just a soul lingering in the house. She was all by herself in a big villa isolated from the city. Solitude is all she loathes in her entire life. She so mingles with people in all walks and she always need company even after life. She could touch things. All the possessions were palpable. She released a sign of relief but was still afraid from within.

In the movie sixth sense the ghost never realizes that it was dead as the surrounding responds to their presence so well that led the ghost presume its survival in the world even after death. She was still not satisfied. She bends to check for her legs. But her backbones were no longer supple enough to support her in check her legs by herself.
It was late in the morning and the old lady needs something hot to fill her empty belly no matter if she is alive or dead. She walked to the kitchen by herself, prepared coffee of her desired proportions and came to the bedroom. Tears started pouring from her eyes as she was reminded of her situation. She was nervous of being alone. She was afraid even to look out of the window. She needs company. She didn't want to die alone. She was standing in the corner of two walls, like children used to do of being alone after watching a ghost movie, nonplussed what to do. She badly needs her life back. She could smell the flavor of ice creams and chocolate that filled the room. She didn't care to notice. The aroma started sprawling denser and finally she realized it. She went near the door to check where the smell was coming from.

Boom! A loud noise came from a group of people, wearing birthday caps in their heads. It was her son and daughter along with their spouses. Their children were firing confetti bombs to fill the ambiance with colors and joy. She could see her daughter carrying chocolate cum butterscotch cake with 70 numerical candle on top of it. The whole family was singing Happy Birthday in chores to celebrate the lady's special day. She was lost in joy until she realized that everyone were there expect for her old man. She felt dizzy, discombobulated and fell back. She could no longer hear the chores of her birthday song. Her world went dark.

She landed safely on a soft arm. She opened her eyes to see an old man wearing big spectacle and welcoming toothless smile was catching her from behind. She started weeping like a new born child. She doesn't know the reason for her cry. Either she was alive or she couldn’t take the surprise given or both. The old man kissed her on her eyes and forehead in the same position. He came closer to her ears and uttered “I won't leave you alone even in death”.
And the old lady wiped her tears hugged the old man and uttered “care to lift me? " With moist eyes and smile in her face.

The couple dashed their forehead gently in unison.


  1. awesomeness!!!:):) lucky dat old woman:)

  2. Nalla irukku. Made a mark really.