Friday, March 14, 2014

Bharathi Kanda Puthumai Pen

 My question to the paternal fraternity is ‘how does the son born for a wife’s husband’s brother is related to his actual father? ‘. Don’t freak out that I am being blasphemous to the entire cultural prominence. It was a Vikramaditya’s question to a king who came to rescue him before climbing a tree. My question was how could he ask such a question?
And my answer is he asked such a question because such things are happening.

And what do we call it as?
Fraternal Polyandry.

Where it is been practiced?
Tibetans in Nepal, parts of China and parts of Northern India

Could you throw some light?
Sure! Fraternal polyandry is a practice by which one woman is married to several brothers which each brother having equal sexual access. For ration card, Aadhar card and other card purposes the elder most shall occupy the official husband post. If the elder brother dies the official coveted post shall be bequeathed to the next seniority level.

Could you throw some more light
Sure! Sure! The wife shall live with each husband every day while the rest shall be patiently waiting for their turn. Patience plays an important role because that keeps the family’s fragility intact.

Could you throw some extra more light?
Oh! Shut up!

What about a progeny for expansion of dynasty?
Yeah it happens. And all have to accept the god’s gift no matter even the mother could not recognize which among is its best swimmer’s. If it is a male child then obviously the cow, goat and farm land shall be his. And if it is she then the marriage ceremony shall be sponsored.

Could your prove it?
Rajo Verma, age 21, from a small village near Dehradun was married to  Sant Ram Verma age 28, Bajju Verma age 32, Gopal Verma age 26, Guddu Verma age 21 and Dinesh Verma age 19 with an 18-month-old son. The Bajju Verma obviously holds the coveted official husband status and he is so proud that his photograph will be appearing in Ration cards.

Sooner or later this matter was publicized and it became viral on the internet. When interviewed Rajo Verma claimed 'Initially it felt a bit awkward. 'But I don’t favour one over the other' 

And the Ration card husband said ‘We all have sex with her but I am not jealous. We are one big happy family’.

Rajo Verma does not know which of the brothers is the father of her son.
The practice is also believed to be a way of keeping farming land in the family. It is most commonly found near the Himalayas in the north of the country, as well as in the mountainous nation of Tibet. While the advancement of modernity has seen the archaic practice largely die out in most of the areas, the shortage of women in countries such as China and India has helped keep it alive as a solution to young men's difficulties in finding a wife.
Rajo Verma said she knew she was expected to accept all of her husbands, as her own mother was married to three brothers.  She said ‘they do not have beds, just 'lots of blankets on the floor'. 
She added 'I get a lot more attention and love than most wives’
Look at the pride in her smile

That was one once-in-a-while-rarest-family photo. The last but second is the coveted Ration card husband.

It is like ‘Hey! Don’t you dare see my wife’ (I hear multiple voices. Is it the mountain’s echo?)
Avar Avar vaazhkaiyil airyum airyum maatrangal!!!

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  1. seriously!! fights..a happy family indeed ;):)..good one:)

  2. Good one:-) This chronic reminds me of Draupadi in Mahabarat. Shocking to know that this Fraternal polyandry is followed in this century also!!!!

  3. Is it going to be the destiny of our legacy????? keepin in mind the falling sex ratio...well narrated :)

  4. I'm fairly sure the strict Jewish faith have a similar thing in a way, if a wife loses here husband the brother of the husband is supposed to wed the widow. Whether it is enforced today is something I don't know

  5. No in fighting on sexual rationing ?. I salute these husbands of her :)