Saturday, August 20, 2011


It was my train travel from Durgapur, Kolkata to Delhi. I was standing in Durgapur railway station for change of boarding place (maybe further details about why am changing, and other explanations is not required for this blog) to avoid unnecessary travel.

Two guys approached me to fill their reservation form. From their attitude and gesture I found out that they expect me to fill their reservation form. They started speaking in their local language (Bengali of course). I gave a weird look that made them realize, I don’t know Bengali.

They started sniggering to themselves. “Why in the world I should know Bengali?” I shouted to myself in anger. I decided to wriggle away from that place. But my consciousness poked me to help these guys out.

My 4 years of engineering, 8 semesters with 24 assessments taught me how to arrive answers from the most untidy ‘BIT’ written by anybody in my class. (atleast that was in English)

They tried so hard to make me realize the name of the train, boarding place, date of journey. “Khakan pal” said one guy.

What in the world “khakan pal” means.I know Amala pal, the girl with beautiful eyes. 

Frustrated guy is making an attempt to show is finger. I prayed not get the middle one from a Bengali guy. He traced his index finger on his forehead.I


His name is Khakan pal. In no time I filled his name.

“ O ..O … Orange … O “ said Mr. Khakan pal

O for orange, A for apple and 24 other basic fundamentals were taught to me 20 years before. Why is he trying to reinforce my fundamentals?

I realized the guy is lacking control of temper. Probably I should ask him for four options and a fifty fifty or should go for audience help. He started making circles in the reservation chart.

“KHOKAN PAL !!!” I got it and I was so excited about it. Expected a bhil kul sahi jawab from him( as I know the meaning for this statement ALONE)

Rather he gave me a nasty look and muffled something in Bengali. Probably he would have scolded me like what to do with this EDUCATED IDIOT.

“Bad things always happen to Philanthropist” I consoled myself.

After successful completion of my first round getting no prize as reward I moved to the second mission of filling the second half. Details like applicant name, address, phone number moreover signature should be filled. I gulped. I can’t escape telling this is out of syllabus. I got numerous questions to be answered like How to get his address? By drawing a house besides the reservation chart? (Maybe my Engineering drawing can help me a little bit)

Shall I fill in with my particulars? What if he is a terrorist? I felt ashamed of my anticipation.

Somehow I managed to get his address and made him sign. He drew something as signature and got away telling “@#$%&”

What I could be?

Fcuk off?

Learn better English?

Thankyou ?

Wateva …

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  1. oh this is really funny :)... u could have rather tried him asking in hindi !!!!eg. ginti se.....baye ghum..(and other ncc commands).. :D