Monday, April 26, 2010

EmiNenT iOta's of EleCtRifierZ

Kaarthik…….@...... pandi(pondy)…….@........echa bagavan

   Suppose to be born in an eminent math university abroad. But due to so called tragedy or fate he is in India. A guy who is responsible for production of many electrical engineers in the academic year 2006-2010. He is so cool and boisterous enough to make his ambience time killing. Spinal core Events of K10. Apart from sleeping, eating one can always have a picture of rubix cube in his hand. A cube with a mouth will curse him and his generation for the hell lot of twists, turns, flips, flaps it underwent.
  He is suffering from a disease called SSSS or 4S. A new kind of chronic and communicable disease which is expanded as Severely Spitting Salivary Syndrome. The Brooklyn medical university have recently found that his saliva has a special characteristics that any human falls prey to it will suffer from symptoms like rubix cube solving, getting high scores in assessments, math hunting, S grades in Semesters etc…..,…..his photo and autograph will highly demand in future since he will be surrounded by math professors of all universities in the world. Hail bagavan.

Aswin antony  …….@....thala……@......oli bagavan

    He is ma roommate once. A guy who works harder than anyone and expects nothing in return. Nocturnal he is. Spinal core logistics of K10.  He is the one who coined the tag name RED SPARTANZ for college variety team currently called as CEG SPARTANZ. Can handle any job single handedly and sincerely. He rightly and sweetly called as THALA.
  He enlightens the path of many lives is another feather to the hat. Currently he is trying to enlighten his own path. He has a kind heart of offering money for juice (to be asked in appropriate times). He can be always is touch with everyone at the left mouse click by jus typing “ aswinantony ceg mensa “ in google search bar. 


         He is rightly called captain as he leads of our class cricket team. Not only for the cricket team but for our whole class. Highly talented to do anything. He always encourages and motivates the crowd. Kind enough to forgive everybody. No one can resist him once he starts otifying. He is ma colleague but In different places. 

*: words have to pronounced repeatedly at the rate of 4.74 words per second with appropriate IIR filters or any Butterworth combination to decrypt the sense in it.

Vasu………….@.................The blogger

       Ma roommate and close friend in this college. Like aswin he too works hard and expects nothing in return. Spinal core marketing of K10. He is well known for his blog and mission. Where ever he goes entertains the crowd.
       If god presents him with two boons out of which he can select only one, a beautiful girl or a bowl of mutton briyani ? Everyone knows the answer. I and he created the college variety team. He drew the whole crew to win EQ and SAGALA KALLORI. But he can’t even complete his mission in this college. Whereas aswin is going to complete PhD in it.

 Goutham vinayak………@.........gv

  Go to w hall and ask for a tall handsome guy you will find him. Spiky enough to scare a porcupine. I and he jointly put several efforts to clear assessments. He is so kind hearted to say no to any help asked to him. He is so talented, but no use. Because he gonna dump all his talents to Australia. This is the reason why India is still a developing country.
He loves AC machines like anything in this world. Guys like GV and PANDI are responsible for brain drain in India. Within 20 years the will forget our Indian currency note and our Gandhi thatha in it. Viewers please advice these guys to serve our mother land. Their presence in India is more important in India to fulfill APJ’s vision 2020.
Yaaruku theriyum.. After 20 years GV’s face might be printed in Australian currency note.

Raghunath babu…………@,…………..robotics anna

Raghunath babu…………@,…………..robotics anna
   There isn’t a field in this college where he didn’t stepped in. a few are here to list up as robotics which includes both manual and autonomous, k10, all clubs in CEG, quiz master, football captain,pro in VB taekwondo, doing projects for fun, vestas intern, Microsoft intern .,………………..,and many more. Last but not least he the right marker and cadet captain of NCC NAVY.

                be updated.........

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