Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Adult contents prevail. Hence under aged, above aged and week hearts (that includes kidney failure) shall be prohibited from reading. 

God created man in 7 days. Who knows, god might have been so tired after his creation and that is why some technical glitch happened. Something like the glitch happened while preparing Power Puff Girls. But in this case it was not a Samaritan that was created. It was THE VIDEO BOY. I am planning to write a novel about THE VIDEO BOYS once I finish with my experimental analysis on ground level basis completely.
Before getting into further,let me explain who THE VIDEO BOY’s are. They are normal Homo sapiens with similar homogeneous & heterogeneous organs and functions with a slight mutation in their behavioral aspect (other details shall be elucidated later in detail).
Many experts have analyzed about the genesis of THE VIDEO BOY’s that could be a catastrophic collaborations of humans with Chimpanzees, humans with stray dogs or chimpanzees with orangutans.  Unfortunately these so called creatures,with longevity of time, metamorphosed into appearance of Homo sapiens and our society accepted these creatures. And now, they are mingled so well among us that the very existence of THE VIDEO BOYs are feigned.  As soon as I started researching about THE VIDEO BOYs lots of people started questioning. A very few frequently asked questions are answered below.


1)      Why am I interested in case study of THE VIDEO BOYs? What made me to?
Because I was intensely assaulted by one such creature that turned me to a researcher.

2)      What does the proper noun, THE VIDEO BOY ,mean?
‘BOY’ in tamil means paiya/paiyan/payale. As pengal are namkangal my jurisdiction of research binds within adam. ‘THE’article signifies an unspecific feature, to spread the crux in generic. ‘VIDEO’represents the way in which they try to project themselves cinematographing human gestures and habits.
Disclaimer: Ardent tamilans misinterpret the name with their unbridled tempo of mispronunciation.

3)      What are the identifications of THE VIDEO BOYs?
They stay aloof with no friends /mutual friends no matter even you work for 30 years together. They will not even mingle with their fellow THE VIDEO BOYs. Their true nature will be revealed when perturbed. They will immediately create something out of nothing or nothing out of something to blame it on others. THE VIDEO BOYs basically project themselves as genius by proving others as idiots. Unfortunately the very negotiation proves their stature of nincompoop. They portray themselves as valiant warriors whereas they will pee the very instant when they hear a dog’s bark in Discovery channel. To be simple they are pen without nib. Ox without pox. Bottle without cap. Pliers without threads. Good for nothing wasteful occupancy of mere existence in this world.

4)      How to identity THE VIDEO BOYs amongst normal human beings?
Just say the world is going to end. They will claim “it was all because of you". If they were in our places they would have saved the world by sharing the load of Hercules (sometimes THE VIDEO BOYs are so dump enough to confuse with Hercules bicycle and start lifting it).
Just try to prove your mettle by calculating 1+2=3. Immediately they would retaliate dexterously to prove you are wrong by claiming 1+2=7.5. Of course they are 7.5 (yelrai is a tamil word for 7.5 which is considered unlucky).
They will pee when you say ‘you are in a problem?’.They regurgitate when you say ‘you are ingenious.’

5)      What will be the consequences of THE VIDEO BOYs?
THE VIDEO BOYs are so narcissistic that they will compare their IQ level with that of Newton’s, Kepler’s & Einstein’s. 

Once a THE VIDEO BOY walked happily in a street, feeling proud after proving himself ingenious to a beggar by bribing him 2 Rs, happened to see something strange lying on the road. It smelt so foul that scintillated the tantalized THE VIDEO BOY’s unused putrefied brain. He immediately took a scoop and licked it (probably such auspicious and capricious behavior might have been bequeathed from his human - stray dog forefathers)and shouted SHIT! Thank god I didn’t step on it.

Thus the THE VIDEO BOYs can tackle any onslaughts and baits with their 8th sense (rest seven are in heaven).

Once a THE VIDEO BOY was badly in need of paper. It could have been bought from nearby store that would hardly taken 30 minutes of commute. But as expected the THE VIDEO BOY’s unexpected brain mutation struck him with an idea, as he broke into my table in my absence, took paper and fulfilled his needs.
I was like OMG! What would he do when his family urgently needs a baby when he is out of station?

Oh! One thing I forgot to tell you. Nobody in the world can understand why they will escalate? When they will escalate? Why they will bootlick? When they will bootlick?
And for your kind remainder, you can never win a THE VIDEO BOY while he is raging because the moment when you start to retaliate THE VIDEO BOY, by that time, would have been bootlicking. Thus you will always fail in the operation of infiltration.
PS: Oh you didn’t get the title yet? Please read FAQ 2 again. 

to be continued...


  1. Good machi - Anand

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    I stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed your posts. I am an author (2 novels published) in search of identity and would feel privileged to get reviewed by you.
    I will be happy to send a copy to you (soft copy or hard copy. Whichever you feel convenient enough). Let me know if you are interested.
    I’d love to hear back from you. You may contact me at

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