Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guilty Girlfriend

10 tips to make sure your girl friend is guilty

1) Whenever your girlfriend doesn’t respond to your phone calls in your usual talking hours for a prolonged period without concrete reasons, then you can suspect her.

2) Found busy or not reachable – girls utilize the finest technique of deceiving others by removing their sim cards from their handsets to make sure they can lie their boy friend.. (sorry toy friend) that she was out of coverage. Because they know low battery couldn’t be given as a reason as the handset would have been yours. Am sure no one will gift her girl friend with a handset that has low battery life.

3) The number of “I LOVE YOU” n nite kisses reduces. Text your girl friend “ I LOVE YOU” and wait for the reply. If it is “ I LOVE YOU TOO” then you are on the same side. Else “ ME TOO”, she wont even have the time, probably that reply would have been from her drafts or templates.

4) In due course if your girl has a Belly improvement there may be two reasons

a) First reason - practically not possible as girls are more knowledgeable and matured enough to avoid it, which am not gonna tell be the reason for suspecting her.

b) Second reason - due to unlimited intake of junk foods which good looking girls normally get for free of cost.

• If u have any more valid reasons for belly improvement kindly leave your comments

5) Whenever your girl friend comes up with an excuse of special classes, which she wouldn’t have mentioned to you ever before. For obvious reasons since you know how much interest your girl has in subjects, you can be damn sure she is getting distracted.


6) Tell your girl friend that her friend is so beautiful that day in that particular dress. Take your time to study her gesture. If she is busy brushing her hair near her ears (girls have this tendency of adjusting their hair to the back of their ear even though they are 200 % percent sure the next moment it falls back) without the slightest touch of possessiveness then you can make sure she is guilty.

7) If you are the person to recharge her account regularly and if she is not running out of balance for a few days (which is more than usual) then there is some Ratan tata or Ambani behind her.

8) Take her to a movie (of course you will be the one who buys her a corner ticket). Try proceeding with your purpose of getting the corner ticket. If she fully concentrates on the movie without even noticing you or your popcorn then I can bet she is guilty.

9) Girls always want to be on left side of a man holding his hands while walking. If she walks on your right side then you can be sure that there is someone on her right side.

( there is a special case in the above statement for which no one could ever answer. Check this foto )

10) If you are trying all the above 9 steps to your girl friend and still waiting for her to apologize then you are the dumbest punk she has ever met..

Moral: doctor ponnu no sonna nurse ponna kathali

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